2016 | What went on at Rocombe Retreat

This summer seemed to go on and on, with long days of dry and sunny weather – even into the Autumn it stayed generally warm and dry which was perfect for the guests staying on site. Everybody really enjoyed their stay with quite a few people coming back for a second or even third stay in the same season.

I have added some extra facilities this year with an extra toilet and shower block that is  nearer to the end yurt ,so much less distance to walk if you need them during the night .

A big building project was the extension has been added to the communal kitchen area with extra cover to eat your breakfast should it rain, which hopefully it won’t to much as I’ve know fitted solar panels at the farm, eventually I’m hoping to go off grid with the glamping field, when the battery technology allows.

The gypsy caravan that I purchased last year has gone really well even though i didn’t put it on the website it still booked up with so much demand from couples wanting to stay this year , its smaller than the shepherds hut, but very cosy and unique . Both the gypsy caravan and the shepherds hut are very popular during the colder months especially when booked with the Hot tub!

The farm is going really well, on the cattle side there are some lovely Heifers growing on as replacements for the older cows when the time comes and two  excellent looking young Bull calves  that I’m going to halter train and keep for breeding. We have had 16 calves born so far this year with 8 bulls and 8 heifers and a few stragglers still to calve.

The sheep were sheared in May and all the lambs sold, then I had some surprises as some of them lambed again early , they are supposed to be lambing in January, the ram must have got in  at some point without me realising and Dorsets will lamb all year round.

As it turns out  having  a few lambs throughout the year will work out really well because the local pub has asked for a regular supply, also this year I’ve bought some North of England Mule ewe lambs to rear for breeding it should be interesting to see how they grow on lowland pasture.

The chickens  are laying really well , this coming season I’m going to sell eggs and bacon on site so not to far to travel to gather ingredients for a fry up!

Still seeing the Kingfisher daily at the moment and throughout the summer they were flying up and down the ponds making their distinctive call, I’ve see a pair quite a few times now.Lots of Roe Deer being see around at the moment just wish they would leave my newly planted trees alone.

I saw an amazing piece of wildlife action recently, a rabbit was being chased by a stoat which it caught in the middle of the field by the yurts – as it was trying to kill it 5 crows started attacking them both; after a scrap the stoat let go of the rabbit and headed for the long grass around some newly planted trees near by, still being pursued by the crows . He escaped so the crows turned their attention back to to rabbit who was trying make it to safety but they were to late as a buzzard swooped to get the prize, had to feel sorry for the rabbit!!

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