Beautiful Devonshire lake to relax by.

Rocombe Retreat also has some mindfully managed, extremely quiet ponds that encourage responsible and careful fishermen.

We have two ponds; Pond one contains a large amount of Carp between 1lb and 10lb, Roach and Rudd to 1lb+, and there are also some large Sticklebacks and Gudgeon. The present average depth is 4.5ft.

Pond two hold a massive amount of Carp all around 1lb but with a handful between 3lb and 6lb, this pond has the addition of Tench to 3lb+ and averages 5ft deep.glamping with fishing in South Devon

Best methods are evening and early morning, a small feeder or ledger cast to the far bank with pellet works very well, also pole or waggler about 8m out works well, Pellet, Corn, Bread and Luncheon meat works best, with maggots or casters for the silverfish.

Fishing is ‘Dawn til Dusk only’.

Angling Tuition is available by prior arrangement.

Fishing is clean and easy due to the help of gravel swims and a flat gravel path running alongside the swims, Disabled access is fantastic and the fishing is suitable to all.

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  • Barbless Hooks only (maximum size 10)
  • All rigs must be free running (No fixed rigs)
  • All Carp must be landed using a landing net
  • Fishing from marked pegs only
  • No Nuts, Boilies or artificial baits to be used
  • Noise levels must be kept to a minimum (including bite alarms)
  • Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Respect other anglers and all wildlife
  • No braided line (including hook lengths)
  • No disruption to any vegetation
  • No keep nets allowed
  • Do not leave rods unattended
  • No surface fishing before 2pm
  • Dawn till Dusk only (Gate will be locked 30 minutes after Dusk)
  • Strictly no litter to be left, please use bins provided or take it home
  • All fish must be returned to the water promptly (DO NOT move fish from pond to pond)
  • Fish stocks are the property of Spring Ponds Fishery, Thieves will be prosecuted
  • Spring Ponds Fishery accept no liability to the loss or damage of tackle and personal belongings