Early start on the Yurts

We began putting the yurts up in early April this year, it doesn’t seem long ago that I had taken them down in mid October, time just seems to fly!

This year we are straight in the swing of things with loads more bookings this month than the previous 2 years, many of these have been via word of mouth and return stays, things are really taking off!

We had a bit of a problem to start off the year with the ties that keep the window  flap down which had been ripped from the canvas. But the guys from ‘The Really Interesting Tent Company’ came straight over and sewed new ones on. Really great service!

We have sold the last of the lambs born in November. This year i’m going to gradually increase the number of sheep and reduce the amount of cattle kept as i find them much easier to manage whilst keeping the camping going. The oats and peas were put in just before the rain which was good timing, if not slightly lucky on my part, they’ve began growing very well.

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