Cows are calving | Ewefields Dazzler delivers!

The cows have begun calving this month and we have some lovely calves from the new bull called Ewefields Dazzler. Its always a bit worrying when you have a new bull as you never quite know whether you’ll run into calving problems, but all has gone well so far.

There have been more bull calves than heifers this year but luckily my best cow has finally had a heifer so I can continue to breed from that line. I bought some more sheep and also 2 new rams, one is a Charolais  and the other a Suffolk so only time will tell which breed is best for early lambing.

At the start of the month I built the base for the cob pizza oven that we’re planning. This was made with concrete blocks, however, this will be the only part that I will bring in as everything for the oven is sourced from the farm, subsoil, Straw, sawdust and oak for the door. As i write it’s taking shape. Thanks to Jack and Sadie from ‘Tribe Of Mog.’ This should be ready for use by mid June.

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