Rain rain go away, leave our campsite please!

Looking back over this blog, I always seem to be talking about the rain this year… but aren’t we all I suppose! It has to be said that this year I have never seen such heavy rain.

On Wednesday 21st in the early hours, I was awoken by the sound of rain and went to the  farm to check things were OK. The stream that runs through the farm was running at the highest I have ever seen it, luckily for us we don’t flood but just had to cope with the massive amount of runoff. Incredibly on Saturday 24th the rain was even worse and more prolonged once again we were OK but a lot of houses downstream in local villages were flooded. Whilst this was going on, I had some ewes lambing but apart from the odd problem they were OK and they have some lovely lambs that are growing very fast.

Luckily for the cattle they were all brought into the barn for the winter and could lie down in a nice straw bed chewing their cud and watching the water flow past their door.


Still a few bookings this month in the Yurt but decided to take it down near the end of the month because it has been so unbelievably wet although the Shepherds Hut is still available all Winter.

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