September comes good, a farm clear of TB (as normal!)

Still lots of bookings coming in and much better weather at last ,nice to be able to walk between the tents, yurt and shepherds hut without having to put my wellies  on when cleaning them! September is usually a better month down here, and it didn’t disappoint this year.


We have TB tested the South Devon cattle this month and they all went clear which was a huge relief as always. This allowed me to sell the last few remaining non pedigree cows as once they are clear we have a 60 day window to move them. The vet did a pregnancy  diagnosis and found they were all in calf which was great news, so we sold them all to a neighbour who is also organic and starting up a new herd.

We had a young family stay, and the kids couldn’t get over how close they could get to the animals. Two nights in a row they caught me at the gate and wanted to know all about them. I can’t hemp thinking that more needs to be taught about the food chain and farming in our schools….

All the remaining cows are now registered as Pedigree with the South Devon Herdbook Society which will hopefully make them more valuable.

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