Why we turned into an all yurt Devon camp – Bye Bye Bell Tents

A big change for Rocombe Retreat. We are now a Devon Yurt Camp! 

This year we have changed from having two bell tents, one one yurt and a shepherds hut. We swapped the two Belltents for another 16 foot yurt and an 18 foot yurt.We have decided to continue investing into the accommodation and facilities, after all this is what makes us who we are. More comfort and snugness can’t be bad right?

We found last year that the bell tents were not standing up to the weather conditions that  we had (Even though we HOPE that was a freak season. . . ) They were starting to go mouldy in places, with this starting to happen after only a few months. Although we cleaned them regularly and this was only cosmetic, we want the best experience for our lovely guests!

The yurts on the other hand are made from much heavier canvas that  treated with a better canvas conditioner – to cut a a very long story short,  this means that they last longer and are also much warmer and have a cosier feel.

The yurt interior  provides a much  better living space with higher sides and so more head room (Some taller guests told us that they found the Belltents a little constraining in the neck department if they were near the edge of the tent)


Another big plus to the yurts is you get extra light from the central and side windows if needed. Overall with the timber frame and the wood burner the space inside is amazing and has a wonder feel about it. This year we are lucky to have Liz Parnell, who works with Emma Curtis on Hamble & Jemima advising us on the look and feel of the interiors.

Fingers crossed this year we will have some long hot summer days to go with it . . . and if not at least you will a warm and cosy snug away from it all.

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