Busy on the Farm

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The farm has been very busy, all the cows calved on time in April and may apart from one straggler that calved in August! We had 10 bull calves and 12 heifer calves by the end and they are growing very fast as they stay with their mums for between 6 and  9 months. Most of the work with them during the summer involves moving them from one field to another so they have plenty of grass to eat.

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At the same time we need to make silage and hay in round bales for them to eat during the winter. So far we have baled 350 bales for them, hopefully this will be enough to last the winter.

Also I have grown one field of barley this was combined at the beginning of September. The grain will be used a s a supplementary feed for the younger cattle, and the straw which we managed to bale just in time before the rain, will be used as bedding for the cattle in the winter.

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We have just had delivery of some new chickens for eggs. The old ones were not laying enough eggs and we lost a few to foxes so they are being kept behind an electric fence to keep them safe.

There are 3 different types White Leghorns, Rhode Rock and Redco, so there will be plenty of fresh eggs available for your stay.

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